White Light 97 – The Emperor Machine

White Light 97 - The Emperor Machine

“It feels like ages since I did a mix tape for someone, and to get asked by White Light was a green light for me to play whatever I wanted and not have to worry about “mixing/ beat matching”. This mix is about what I listen to when I’m relaxing and mostly when I’m rewiring a studio, most of the tracks on the mix I was playing recently while deep in a rewire as I have moved studios so the records were already on the floor. It’s an all vinyl mix, plenty of scratched records and a lack of overall compression means levels do jump out in the mix but i like that. I tried to plan out the mix but decided to just simply play records and record them on the fly. Doing this mix has captured a moment in time and that’s what its all about.”


Stomu Yamash’ta’s East Wind – Tangerine Beach (intro)
Bernard Szajner/zed – Ritual
The Emperor Machine – Introduction to Outa Space
Joyride – Childsong
Double Drums – Hot Borscht
Tonto’s Expanding Head Band – Jetsex
Here & Now – Improvisation
Two Young Burundi Girls – A Greeting Song
Edgar Froese – It Would be Like Samoa
Musicians of The Nile – Drum Solo
Joyride – The Empire of Light 2
400 Blows – Strangeways (Revisited )
Bernard Szainere/zed – Ressurector
Stomu Yamash’ta – One Way
The Rhythm Method – Morse Tuition
Space Art – Aquarella
Delia Derbyshire – The Delian Mode
Space Art – Ode A. Clavius
Leon Bibb – Theme Brown Girl
Hukwe Zawose – Safari Na Muziki
Cosmic Jokers – Electronic News
Bernard Szainere – Crash Diet
Daniel Avery – Platform Zero
The Emperor Machine – Watching Flying Body Parts
Playgroup – Epic One Drop

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