White Light 95 – DJ Apt One

White Light 95 - DJ Apt One

“This mix is a meditation on the seasons and the emotions they evoke. Earth’s orbit and the physical principle of conservation of energy philosophically are at a disconnect with my ideas about life’s linearity. The White Light mix I did with RCMP explored the cold conflict between the technological human and the cosmos. Now, I want to bring things back to Earth and musically detail the more immediate and tangible – the dark and the rosy, as well as the organic. This mix also contains the debut track from Michael the Lion, a new alias of mine. The program is in five movements.”


Movement 1 – Snow / Reflections
1. Excerpts from “A Year in the Wilderness”
2. Cocteau Twins – The Thinner The Air
3. The Three Degrees – Collage

Movement 2 – Spring / Storm
4. Yellow Sunshine – All Along the Seashore
5. Curtis Mayfield & The Staples Singers – After Sex
6. Kan Sano – Everybody Loves The Sunshine
7. Burnso – Bad News From the Stars
8. Serge Gainsbourg – Bad News From the Stars

Movement 3 – Dog Days / Introspection
9. DJ Apt One f/ Shadoe – Willing Interlude
10. Gil Scott-Heron & Brian Jackson – Willing
11. Dennis Parker – Like an Eagle
12. Herb Alpert – Rotation

Movement 4 – Autumn / Mercurial
13. Chris Rea – Josephine (Chris Coco Edit)
14. Elyas Khan – Bells (Instrumental)
15. Robert Lux & Todd Edwards – I’ve Still Got Sunshine (Michael the Lion Remix)
16. Kon & The Gang – Sunlight

Movement 5 – Earth / Cycle
17. Earth Wind & Fire – Kalimba Tree (Terje Edit)
18. Lamont Dozier – Going Back To My Roots

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