White Light 92 – Cyclist

White Light 92 - Cyclist

“This mix is dripping with nostalgia for me. While touring across Canada in bands I would often take the night time driving shifts specifically to get to listen to music like this. It put everyone else to sleep but for some reason kept me wide awake and focussed. So this mix is for me, 10 years ago, driving through the Rockies at 4am so we could get to our free hotel room in Golden, BC.”


Mahogany Frog – UXB41
Jon-Luc Ponty – Cosmic Messenger
Soft Machine – Snodland
Les McCann – The Harlem Buck Dance Strut
Erik Truffaz – Less
Supersilent – C-4.1
Weather Report – Milky Way
Stereolab – Olv 26
Diskjokke – Reset Begin
Boards of Canada – In a Beautiful Place out in the Country
Boredoms – Super Are (Excerpt)
Phil Ranelin – Sounds from the Village (Jan Jelinek Remix)
Caribou – Sinuses
Dan Abrams – MR Fish

White Light 92 – Cyclist (RIGHT CLICK, SAVE AS)

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