White Light 85 – ROOM8

White Light 85 ROOM8

“A crimson sunset falls over the desert creating an extraterrestrial landscape. A car drives through the neon mist as night falls and an unknown journey begins. Our favorite films have soundtracks which, combined with their images, create a world only experienced by watching them. Music, with the right life experiences, creates cinema out of life. This is our soundtrack to a late night journey.”


The First Wave- Suzanne Ciani
Hopeless Romantic- FM Attack
Theme From Midnight Express- Giorgio Moroder
Emerald and Lime- Brian Eno
Juno- Harold Budd (edit)
Down in The Park- Gary Numan (edit)
Je Suis Venir Te Dire Que Je M’En Vais- Jo Lemaire and Flouze
Hard Drivin’- Jacques L. Dorsey
Spies in the Wires- Cabaret Voltaire
Strom- Kraftwerk (edit)
Rain- Jan Hammer
Music For 18 Musicians (Section 7)- Steve Reich (1976 edit)
Love on a Real Train- Tangerine Dream (1983)
Let Me Know The Wonder- Space (edit)
Beach Theme- Tangerine Dream
Jennifer- Eurythmics
I Guess It’s All Over- Mazarati
One More Chance/Lyra- Alan Braxe (with The Spimes) (Memory Tapes Remix)/Brian Eno and Robert Fripp (edit)
One More Chance- Alan Braxe (with The Spimes) (original mix)
Midnight- Tim Blake (edit)
Driver’s Seat- Sniff ‘n’ The Tears 
With Oil- Thomas Fehlmann (edit)


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