White Light 78 – Roberto Rodriguez

White Light 78 - Roberto Rodriguez

“When exiting a club after a long night, i like to give my ears a break and listen to something totally different from the usual party music. This is a journey through some of those soundscapes. Many of these remind me of the great nights and parties i’ve enjoyed in the past few years. Perfect for the drive back home, or to the hotel.”


Len Faki – BTX3
Virta – Emmatieda
John Tejada – Winter Skies
Steve Reich – Pulses
Radiohead – Fitter Happier
Goldwill feat. The Lazarusman – When We Hug
Desolate – Fairwell #1
Murcof – Cielo
Bibio – Kaini Industries (Original by Boards Of Canada)
Of Norway – Song For Ava
Apparat – Light On
Processory – Adaptation For Survival
Carlos Nilmmns – Orchid
Hidden Orchestra – Overture
Clark – Tooth Moves
James Yorkston – Woozy With Cider (Jon Hopkins remix)

WHITE LIGHT 78 – Roberto Rodriguez (RIGHT CLICK, SAVE AS)

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