White Light 74 – Andrew Weatherall

White Light 74 - Andrew Weatherall

“”And if one gazed down from here through the fast-flowing, crystalline water to the dark, indistinct river bed, one could see here and there something with an enticing, muted gold sheen flashing and sparkling… All true secrets, all true images of the soul, it seemed to him, were like this little watery secrets; they had no outline, no shape; veiled and ambiguous, they permitted only a vague perception as of some distant, enchanting possibility.”
– Herman Hesse from ‘Narcissus and Goldmund’


Dustin O’Hallaran – Great Divide
Mount Vernon Arts Lab – Warminster 4
Kandodo – Sun/Sand/Phase
Electric Orange – Lied An Zone
Cut Hands – Krokodilo Theme
Carlton Melton – Photos of Photos
Shaytan – Rihta
Myrnine Rest – Journey to Avebury
Michael Chapman – Resurrection and Revenge
Ombre – Dawning
Dustin O’Hallaran – Snow and Light

WHITE LIGHT 74 – Andrew Weatherall (RIGHT CLICK, SAVE AS)

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