White Light 72 – It’s A Fine Line

White Light 72 - It's A Fine Line

“We are not sure how to describe the music we make, least the records played here. Is there a real point, beyond arrogance, to such descriptions anyway? We are sure you will be able to deal with the silent track list though: we did not want hide things, we just wanted you to look for them.”


There is no published tracklist for this mix. It’s A Fine Line invites you to the hunt.


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White Light 72 – It’s A Fine Line by White Light Mixes on Mixcloud

More Info on It’s A Fine Line:

Ivan Smagghe
Tim Paris
Kill The DJ
MKG Music
Marketing Music

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  • Evenepoel_niels

    awesome … tracklist please?

  • fail

    Nautiluss_stygian : around @ 40:00 // tracklist could be great yes.

  • http://www.facebook.com/pe.guillemin Pierre-Etienne Too Crispy Guil

    2 sur 1
     banquette : Marie et les garçons “rebop”

  • Curious Orange

    Nautiluss is at 47 mins. 🙂
    Does anyone know the track around 53:30?
    it’s beautiful

  • David_rimokh

    the last track from Marie et les Garçons is not the orginal version,
    somebody knows the remix or edit… ?

  • David_rimokh

    Find it.
    GARCONS Re Bop Electronics

  • Reverb

    11:24 – Recondite – DRGN

  • Fail

    bohemian groove-low junks @ 28:00

  • meALecS

    tracklist anyone? this is a good shit.

  • Marco Penndorf

    exactly the track i wanted identified, thx! :]

  • Friend

    32min – Marc Houle – Lick ur Skin (a fine line remix)

  • Friend

    21min – Thomas Brinkmann – Souls

  • AveryHThompson

    I guess you win some, you lose some.

  • Jemangedeschats

    anyone knows the track starting @3mn plz plz ?

  • VS

    Tracks at 6 mins and 38 mins, any ideas?

  • asaf

    6 min red axes..

  • VS

    Thanks! Do you know the name of the track?

  • S

    I can’t find it too, can you name a track name? thanks

  • VS

    Red Axes feat Jen – This Is X (Correspondant compilation)