White Light 71 – Markus Schneider

White Light 71 - Markus Schneider

“Imagine zapping through your memories, feelings, moments, events, just like switching the channels on your car radio. A night drive like a dream with memory flashes poured into the sounds of your soul and your cosmos. It starts off with some real recordings of the steelworks Völklinger Hütte from my hometown, now a world cultural heritage of UNESCO, I heard these noises all day when I was a kid…pretty eerie…got freaked out when I saw Kraftwerk perform The Robots on TV, then I bought the first Depeche Mode album, then I heard underground Italo Disco at the club, bought “Psychocandy” from the Jesus and Mary Chain…then italo/shoegaze/synthwave history reinvented itself since 2005, adding a great creative edge to the old ideas….there was always this strong man-machine connection in my life, all about love vs. the robot, all about people and music, both, nailed down, simple wave functions, electromagnetic frequencies…resonating with each other…I really like the many ideas in all these songs…their energy, complexity, harshness and beauty…just like life itself, just like me. Listen to my soundtrack on a ride through the night.”


Völklinger Hütte – Sounds
Cluster – Plas
Bassnectar ft. Noam Chomsky – Intro
Junesex – Who wants freedom
Com Truise – Brokendate
Pictureplane – Goth star
Slowdive – When the sun hits
oOoOO – Hearts
Subway – Lowlife
Washed Out – New Theory
Blackbird Blackbird – Hawaii (Teen Daze Remix)
Twin Peaks Title Theme Edit
Woolfy vs. Projections – Chameleons tale
Noir Désir – Le vent nous portera (Rubber Room Edit)
Cantoma – North shore (Idjut Boys Remix)
The Robot Scientists – Catch Fire (Gazeebo’s Teeth Grinder Remix)
Electric Dragon – Davorite
Normal Brian – M-U-S-I-C
Chromatics – Into the black (Drumless)
Fujiya & Miyagi – Electro Karaoke
Cosmic Hoffmann – Sehr Mystisch

WHITE LIGHT 71 – Markus Schneider (The Robot Scientists) (RIGHT CLICK, SAVE AS)

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