White Light 69 – Dirty Dave

White Light 69 - Dirty Dave

“This mix is a collection of songs that all resonate strongly with me outside of my usual “dance” oriented settings…not so oddly though, I was absolutely dancing around the room while recording it! These are pieces I’ve played late at night / early in the morning after the party’s over and I wanted them to be as “pure” as possible, so there’s no post-recording mastering or EQing while in the mix. Just the songs doing what they do best here. I hope you feel and enjoy them as much as I.”


Schoenherz – Sultry Nights
Seahawks – Eternal Swells
Jaki Whitren & John Cartwright – Inner Fire
Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti w/ Dam-Funk – Baby
Spike – Merel
Sensation’s Fix – Dark Side of Religion
Attitudes – A Moment
The Coming Of Moses – Spanish Sunset
Light – Keys/Do What You Gotta Do
Spike – Magic Table
Blue Night – Turn Me Loose/My Design
Jah Wobble, The Edge, & Holger Czukay – Hold On To Your Dreams
Gloria Ann Taylor – Love Is A Hurting Thing
Fleetwood Mac – Why


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  • MOM

    I love your description – now, I am listening…. 

  • MOM

    I listened and I LIKED.