White Light 63 – RCMP

White Light 63 -  RCMP

“We build machines to protect us from the brutality of nature. But we
cannot. The circuits that allow us expression in ways undreamt endow
us with the capacity to annihilate. Beware your own hubris. Beware
the immensity and power of the natural world – it cannot be conquered,
only leased. To find peace, one must use technology for spiritual
elevation. We believe music is an example of such a use.”


Tomita – A Space Ship Lands Emiting Silvery Light
Giorgio Moroder – Transformation Seduction
Party Bros – Heartstones
CSLSX – Paula Abdul Drinking a Pepsi, October 17th, 1987
Ron Basejam – Looter
Roberto Rodriguez – Mustat Varjot
Martin Brodin & Dumb Dan – Gamma Ray (Balearic Version)
Lord of the Isles – Tales of The Rogue Synth
Brian Eno – The Big Ship
RCMP – USA Groove
Aril Brikha – Forever Frost
Tangerine Dream – Betrayal
Michna – Real Hero


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More Info on RCMP:

RCMP is DJ Apt One and Relative Q.

DJ Apt One
DJ Apt One Soundcloud
Relative Q
Relative Q Soundcloud

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