White Light 62 – Luca Lozano

White Light 62 -  Luca Lozano

“Being part of The White Light mixes was an opportunity to delve deep into my crates and pull out some of the tracks which give me inspiration as a DJ, producer and label owner. I wanted to stay away from the relentless 4×4 beats, leave the tracks unwarped, unedited and in their original glory….allowing the tracks breath in a loose mix that has more in common with a radio playlist than a club set. My mix goes from jazz to funk, from post-hardcore to pre-grunge, and whilst the tracklist is seemingly all over the shop the selection is still somehow linked by a melancholic and sombre feeling. I made this mix whilst in the middle of finalising my debut album, one that heavily relies on the sampling culture and wanted to include some tracks which I and others have sampled from, which hopefully provides a nice backstory and some sort of overall cohesion to the mix.”


Portico Quartet – Ruins
Clutchy Hopkins – All Oscar
Autechre – Lowride
Le Planete Sauvage – Le Bracelet
Ghoul – Swimming Pool
Wipers – D-7
Fugazi – Long Division
Donovan – Get Thy Bearings
Tommy Guerrero – The Last Maverick
Luca Lozano – The Mask 2
Placebo – Humpty Dumpty
Trinidad & Tobago Steel Allstars – Do Your Thing
Quincy Jones – Summer In the City
Santos & Johnny – Summertime
DJ Shadow – Changeling/Transmission1
Hiromasa Suzuki – Prologue


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