White Light 40 – In Flagranti

White Light 40 - In Flagranti

“The culture we are exposed to as children exerts an extraordinary power over our imaginations; it leaves a heightened impression of something, which is not quite what it was, or is perhaps the essence of what it was in a way that becomes only partially retrievable through memory. Every childhood will then create a store of memories to haunt the adult world; a series of entities out of time which, like paranormal hauntings, operate under a potent but mysterious logic.” – Tristan Eldritch

Codek Test Drive Vol. 1 – Maetzchen Im Raum
Brian Briggs – AEO
Tabgerine Dreams – Exit
The Human League – Toyota City
Vangelis – Darvish D
Dimension 5 – Automation
Weather Report – Dara Factor One
Jean-Luc Ponty – Wandering On The Milky Way
Dieter Reith – Love And Fantasy
Art Of Noise – Crusoe
Zanov – Moebius 301
Andriessen Jurriaan – Overtones
Mandr̩ РIsle De Joie
Clara Mondshine – The Final Ritual
Sussan Deihim & Richard Horowitz – Jum Jum
Eno & Byrne – Very Hungry
Geiger Counter – Low Intensety


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