White Light 36 – Gigamesh

“White Light will always be about night driving, introspection and taking the time to listen from start to finish.” When I read this, I knew exactly the kind of mix I wanted to make.  While going to college, I had to make many long road trips across state lines.  I tended to listen to a lot of Minimalism on those drives (Steve Reich, Philip Glass, etc), which to my ears completely embodies introspection and time.  So I decided to make mix that bridges my current career in dance music with the simple, introspective qualities of music I listened to on those drives.  This mix might be a little unexpected based on the music I’ve released, but I really wanted to showcase some of my influences and music I listen to for pleasure.  Enjoy!”


MadMixMustang – From The Heart Of Glass [Blondie vs. Philip Glass]
Kelpe – Margins
Dabrye – Game Over (instrumental)
Portishead – Chase The Tear
Al Usher – Lullaby For Robert (Bogdan Irkük Remix)
Giorgio Moroder – Tears
Caribou – Bowls
Lone – Ultramarine
Sound Stream – Live Goes On
Four Tet – Sing
Petar Dundov – Sparkling Stars
Teengirl Fantasy – Cheaters
Yellow Magic Orchestra – Light In Darkness
The Field – Everyday
Philip Glass – Heroes (Aphex Twin Remix)


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