White Light 33 – Dougie Boom

“I had a dream when i was getting ready for this mix. i cracked open a stone egg and lynx with peg legs came out, which kinda describes this mix: one of the fastest slowest animals on earth. Musically, its some new psychedelics and some cosmic classics. Hope you dig it.”


Raymond Scott – Lightworks
Afrobutt – Feast Your Eyes
Etienne Jaumet – Mental Vortex
Chris & Cosey – One Minute More (edit)
Lonely Dreamer – Absolute
Redinho – Bare Blips
The Samps – Thys
Cosmo Braun – Point & Gaze
Neon Indian – Mind, Drips
Greater Than One – Computer Dub
Harvey presents Locussolus – Little Boots
Naum Gabo – Black Lab (Discosession Remix)
Jimmy Edgar – Jns-2000
Zodiac – Zodiac
Big Troubles – Video Rock
On No Ono – Internet Warrior (The Depreciation Guild Remix)
Explorer – No. 14
Jona Lewie – (You’ll Always Find Me In The) Kitchen At Parties
Frederic Mercier – Spirit
Oblio- Faculty of Reincarnation
Skatebard – Rock On
Amnesia – ADN (Remix Version)
Break SL – Low Light
Space Ranger – Superstring (Rayko Remix)
Alan Parsons Project – Mammagamma [Instrumental]
Special Request  – Salsa Smurf
Creative Use – Even Stevens
Antoni Maiovvi – Flesh For Frank Booth
Oppenheimer Analysis – Radiance
In Flagranti – Depceptive Secracy
Beautiful Swimmers – Touch Base
Telex – Pakmovast
Medio Mutante – Another Land
The Pool – Jamaica Runnin’ (European Remix)
Fulgeance – Smartbanging
Cosmic Club – Slow Percussion
Lowlow – Flow
Peru – Oriental
Erdbeerschnitzel – 4 Months (Mark E Remix)
Cuba Gooding – Acapella Happy
Clock DVA – Sound Mirror
Pollyester – German Love Letter (Optimo Espacio Mix)
Memory Control One (MC1) – Basic
Ali Renault – Cuffs


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