White Light 26 – Villa

The White Light mixes are, ultimately, about two things: music and space.” Thats what the website tells me. In that case white might be the color of music, because going through my record music collection – everything seems to go about music and space. At first i had a playlist of over 4 hours of music, I started over again, inspired by the second theme. “White Light will always be about night driving” I read. So i made three categories: Landscape Driving, Autobahn Driving & City Driving. Upload your ipod, take your car and join us on this ride.


Low Motion Disco – Born On The Low Wind
Mickey Moonlight –  Music for “Responsible Reprogenetics” Public Service Broadcast
Sebastien Tellier – Le Lond de la Rieviere Tendre
Jonathan Jeremiah – Happiness (Quiet Village Remix)
Gil Scott-Heron – I’ll Take Care Of You
Maxence Cyrin – Driving to Planet Xoxo
Desire – Don’t Call
Pollyester – (German Love Letter (Hal Tabac Mix)
Williams – Confused Arp Disco
Kindness – Swinging Party
The Beatles – Happiness is a Warm Gun
Caribou – Found Out
Rennie Foster – Devil’s Water (Reprise)
m83 – Car Chase Terror
Das Pop – Never Get Enough (Goose Version)


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