White Light 14 – Andrew Allsgood

Andrew Allsgood White Light Mix

“This mix is my interpretation of “cosmic”, as outlined in the parameters of the White Light series. The mood is laid back and somewhat contemplative with a theme of traveling and returning home. With all of the various feelings that electronic music, disco, techno, house & other forms of “dance” based music can convey, I was excited about showcasing some more emotive songs. A mix for the headphones, the after, after party or bathing……….in the white light!!”

Mammoth Studios – Interlude
Lovefingers – Zoysia
Diskjokke – Flott Flytt
Luke Solomon – Demons (Brennan Greene Remix)
The Flying Squad – Trip One
It’s A Fine Line – Woman
House Of House – Rushin’ To Paradise (Walkin’ These Streets)
Marc Romboy – Iceland
Veinte Tres – Serpiente Cosmica
The Ananda Project – Moment Before Dreaming (Idjut Boys Remix 1)
Soft Rocks – Dialulac
Henrik Schwarz & Amampondo – I Exist Because Of You (Henrik’s Live Vesion)
Luke Solomon Demons Outro


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  • Neoteric

    Please dont sleep! This is such a good mix!