White Light 126 – BICEP

White Light 126 - BICEP

“The mix is mostly beatless. It’s filled with lots of weirdo new age music and electronica that we love. It’s something to trip, come down or even drive to. It’s very different from our usual mixes, but definitely reflects a lot of the music we’ve put up on the blog over the years! Enjoy.”


Tight pants – Side Again For Your Love
Spacetime Continuum – Floatilla
Psychic TV – Coumpletion 4a
User48736353001 – 19 Ssnb
Autechre – Nil
Solar Quest – Ourannaz
Marie Davidson – Insomnie
Redshift – Pyro – Gen
RR Wong – 2Lions
Michael Mantra – Sonic Alter
Golden Girls – Kinetic (Morley’s Apollo mix)

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