White Light 122 – Matt Walsh

White Light 122 - Matt Walsh

“I often drive home from gigs and nothing beats slowing the pace down to sub 100bpm. This is a mix containing a selection of songs from an ever-evolving playlist I use for the car when coming back late at night.”


Palmbomen II – Teena Mulder
Chris & Cosey – This Is Me
33-10-3402 – III33
Rodion & Mammarella – Inner Outer (Toulouse Low Trax Radient Walk Remix)
A Sagittariun – Seven Locks (In Dub)
Cage & Aviary – In Todd Trust (In Dub We Trust)
Chateau Marmont – Nibiru (Beautiful Swimmers Late Night Dubbing Mix)
Front De Cadeaux – Infodrogue (A JD Twitch dub)
Nick Mackrory feat. Harry Collier – Lucky Charm (Forgotten Corner Dub)
I’m a Cliche Edit Service 31 – by Alvaro Cabana
Tristesse Contemporaine – I Do What I Want (Capablanca vs Moscoman Version)
Orestt – Homies
Colder – Colder
Primal Scream – Jailbird (Sweeney 2 Sabres of Paradise Remix)

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