White Light 121 – Scott Fraser

White Light 121 - Scott Fraser

“What to say, I’ve love being in the city, any city that is. There is something about the buildings, the space between them and how they work together late at night that has always fascinated me. This music is for your city wherever it is, whenever you wish to walk there… But do go out there at night… Look up around and between the buildings.”


Moon Cage – Annex 002 (Offen Music)
Anom Vitrov – Demo (Going Good)
45 ACP – Ground to Ground (L.I.E.S)
Japanese Syncro System – Check it, Spread it (Life Line Records)
Pye Corner Audio – Electronic Rhythm Number 18 (Type)
Ester Brinkmann (ft Ich David!) – Now + Real (Suppose)
Arpanet – Devoid Of Wires (Record Makers)
Sagan Youth Boys – Saganisqatsi (Tone Log)
Twelve – Knights of the Green Shields (Deep Distance)
Imitacija Zivota – Headline (Sazas)
Africans With Mainframes – Lambdoma (Mathematics)
The Brothers Fuck & Friend – You Don’t Know (Murder Capital)
Perspects – Where Are We (Ersatz Audio)
Dance – Still (Blank Mind)
J-ZBEL – ZHF (Poppers Mix) (BFDM 7”)
Stinkworx – Coelacanth (Strange Life Records)

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