White Light 117 – A Silent Flute

White Light 117 - A Silent Flute

“When traveling abroad, splashing in the local water is, in my book, a must. In Japan, travel to a countryside onsen. In New York City, you have to try the Turkish or Russian baths. In Rio, head to an out of the way beach. Find the water. The water will open your mind much faster than you’d expect.”


Eddie Jobson – Spheres Of Influence
Twins – Twins
Jonas Reinhardt – Headband Harvest
Ekimi – Che Wa Sha Wo
Baaba Maal – Loodo
Man Jumping – Walk On, Bye
Pigbag – Dozo Don
Kenneth Knudsen – Catalogue
Steve Tibbetts – Climbing
Group 87 – Angels & Obelisks
Larry Chernicoff – Woodstock, New York

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