White Light 112 – Curses

White Light 112 - Curses

“I’ve relocated to London for a while, and before I left NYC, I recorded Taxi Drivers on my rides home after DJng club nights and afterhours. This mix of ambient and textural music is an ode to the nocturnal beings out after the club, and the late nights I spent in the Big Apple before heading overseas. In the recent tragic passing of a big musical inspiration to me, I open this mix with Edgar Froese leader of Tangerine Dream. This is the music that breathes both at dusk and sunrise.”


NYC Taxi Badge 5303729
Edgar Froese – Specific Gravity Of Smile
Barnt – 0221 51025Xx
Vit Fana – Constance
NYC Taxi Badge 679034
Luca Venezia – Free Falling (Part 2)
Ollie Olsen – Anna Betrayed
Tempelhof & Gigi Masin – Session One
Andrew Chalk – Shimmer In The Sun
Curses – Shadows Rising
Walker & Royce – Tell Me Now Feat. Steven klavier
NYC Taxi Badge 5507668
Brennan Green – Ambien
David Bowie – Warszawa
Lutto Lento -I Rememeber I Was Dreaming
Last Defender – Dark Becomes Light
Vincent Gallo – Cold & Grey Summer Day
NYC Taxi Badge 3671025
Philip Glass – Dracula: Or A Wolf
NYC Taxi Badge 5303729
Orlando Furioso – Over The Cliffs
Holy Mountain and His opus – Epilogue of Love & Death

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