White Light 110 – Lifelike

White Light 110 - Lifelike

“Click through below to read a personal and intimate track by track explanation from this legendary producer, and main inspiration for the series.”


01 – Bel Canto “Picnic On The Moon”
I bought this album in 1990, on a K7, I always loved the band, released on Crammed Disc, back in the days it was a very hype alternative Electronic music label. The band is originated from the Bergen, in the far north of Norway, if you have some time, check out their albums on iTunes.

02 – Enigma “Callas Went Away”
Believe me or not, but one of the member of this band is a friend of mine. Michael Cretu who produced this album, is a genius and master producer from the 80’s, they sold 18 million records.

03 – Propaganda “Strenght To Dream”
Another german band, signed on ZTT, Trevor Horn’s label, the most successful label from the 80’s, in my opinion and the best producer ever. Propaganda is an incredible masterpiece, you have to imagine thats this song is from 1987, at the very early sampling days

04 – Kraftwerk “Radioactivity”
This band simply invented the electronic music almost as we know it today, this track hasn’t gotten any wrinkles thru the years. My father had this album in his car, so i got used to listen to this kind of sounds when I was a child.

05 – Jean-Michel Jarre “Oxygène Part II”
I totally love Jean-Michel’s mega concerts, his concert in Houston 1987 is just incredible, its the megalomania of the 80’s at its best, not only he’s a brilliant musician but he’s the first who understood how important visuals are as a part of the music. He’s the most famous french musician in the world.

06 – Cerrone “Générique Brigade Mondaine II”
I met Marc Cerrone a couple of years ago, thru a friend, I was already a fan of his productions since years. He offered me to produce a single and remix it. We’re almost neighbors, he lives 10minute from my place. His music is a true testimony of the golden 70’s, he was the first producer to release extended 45RPM with a one sided-one track concept more than 10min song for DJ’s.

07 – Eurythmics “This City Never Sleeps”
They are forgotten today, but I think the duo Annie Lennox/Dave Stewart was at his top in the early/mid 80’s this songs reflects perfectly the feeling of being in the city at night, a warm summer night is preferred…

08 – LFO “Simon From Sydney”
This is the first “techno” album i bought in my life, on K7, with 808 State, & KLF, LFO has set a high standard regarding the production level, although this is all produced at home, they are, with Daft Punk, my 90’s heroes.

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