White Light 104 – Zach Cowie

White Light 104 - Zach Cowie

“For the end of the end of the night. All from vinyl.”


An excerpt of Joan Didion’s ‘Play It As It Lays’ as read by Ari Graynor with musical accompaniment by Alice Damon’s ‘Waterfall Winds’.
Talk Talk – I Believe In You
Jan Hammer Group – Don’t You Know
Brigitte Fontaine – Famille
Henri Texier – Amir
Steve Reich – Music for Mallet Instruments, Voices and Organ (excerpt)
Bela Bartok – Banat
Robert Wyatt – The Sight of the Wind
Paul Buchanan – Buy a Motorcar
Michael Rother – Blauer Regen
Penguin Cafe Orchestra – Now Nothing
Morning – Sleepy Eyes

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