White Light 103 – Sage Caswell

White Light 103 - Sage Caswell

“I moved into Apt.103 about a year ago. I quickly discovered that the guy who lives above me wasn’t gonna live with me working on music at loud volumes. I started working on all of these at night when I got home from work and surprisingly didn’t receive any complaints while writing these particular songs. I think I just wanted to make something I could do nothing to. I take a lot of naps and just recently started listening to music while sleeping, I enjoy listening to these songs when I lay down or feel anxious. These songs are a 12 month retrospective of living in Apt.103 Thanks for listening.”


1. Sage Caswell – DM
2. Sage Caswell – Worry Lines
3. Sage Caswell & Pilo – Shut Eye (SC Eyes Shut Dub)
4. Sage Caswell – From Now On
5. Sage Caswell – The Falls
6. Sage Caswell – Major Internet Complexion
7. Sage Caswell – Ice Level / Song 4 My Dogs
8. Sage Caswell – Maybe A Joke Got Serious
9. Sage Caswell – Crushed
10. Sage Caswell – Free Country
11. Sage Caswell & Floyd Campbell – 31514726 (Step 2)

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