White Light 100 – Neoteric & Matty C

White Light 100 - Neoteric & Matty C

“It’s taken over 5 years to get to this point, but the ride has been smooth. What’s a road trip without a good co-pilot though? We have to sincerely thank each and every artist that has committed their time, and a little bit of their soul to the series. We initially had a plan to call it quits at the hundredth mix if we could get Cut Copy to deliver a mix like those that so inspired us to turn this idea into sound. We’re not ready to pull over, however. In fact, we want to keep driving deeper into space. These mood pieces, we hope, are timeless and there are still a great many heroes to contribute, and thousands of records as yet unplayed that need to be shared. Now what is the story of this mix? Well, it’s just music to make you feel. Many of the tracks used are from The Centennial Collection, an album of tracks and edits submitted by past guests of the series, which can be acquired on the website. Huge thanks to all artists who contributed tracks and mixes, and to you, for joining us on this journey!”


Earl Grey – Into The Light
Chromatics – The Eleventh Hour
Jokers of the Scene – Endless Scene
Chrome Canyon – Sacred Mountain
The Blessings – Spiritual Ameria
Mansions On The Moon – Walk On The Moon (Pocketknife Mix)
Invisible Conga People – In A Hole
Chateau Marmont – Nibiru (Beautiful Swimmers Late Night Dubbing Mix)
Goldroom – Pacific
Shanghai – Looking For Love (Lulu Rouge Remix)
Tolcha – Tupukala
Neu – Negative Man (Tronik Youth Edit)
S.C.D – Lovely
Brassica – The Centre
Jimi After – Prostitution Of Sound
Echo Droides – Ursa Major
Twisted Wires – Half Lives (In Flagranti’s White Light Edit)
Fila Brazilia – Subtle Body
Avenue – Memory Drift
Slowdive – In Mind (Reload remix)
Rhyming In Fives – Hindsight
Skream – Perferated
Steve Roach – Merge (Room8 Edit)
Maze ft. Frankie Beverley – Twilight
Pachanga Boys – Time
Todd Terje – Spiral
Vancouver Sleep Clinic – Collapse (The Slow Waves Remix)
Ulrich Schnauss – Monday Paracetamol
The Free Association – Shanghai

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