White Light presents: The Centennial Collection

White Light 100 - The Centennial Collection

“As promised, something special! We already ask the artists involved for an exclusive mix, and a small piece of their soul, in mixtape form, but when we put the call out to White Light alumnus requesting tracks and edits for our big #100 extravaganza, we were touched to receive overwhelming support, and some incredible contributions. The goal of this collection was to showcase some of the many talented artists who have taken part in the series thus far, and we’re thrilled with the results! Some truly magical tracks here, many of them exclusive to this collection. We’ve also linked you to their mixes for a bit of a refresher. You’ll notice a few name changes; DVAS is now known as Jex Opolis. Ajello have disbanded and DJ Rocca remains. And while we got a mix from Runaway, our edit below is from Jacques Renault. It should also be pointed out we have 3 incredible original tracks in the package from Jokers of the Scene, Earl Grey and Avenue – all of which were included on the White Light 100 Mix. So please, download this collection. Play them often and play them loud. And don’t forget to look into the light! ”


01 – Jokers of the Scene – Endless Scene [VOL.91]
02 – Steve Roach – Merge (ROOM8 Edit) [VOL.85]
03 – Twisted Wires – Half Lives (In Flagranti White Light Edit) [VOL.40]
04 – Vancouver Sleep Clinic – Collapse (The Slow Waves Remix) [VOL.49]
05 – Cloud One – Spaced Out (The Revenge Edit) [VOL.37]
06 – Earl Grey – Into The Light [VOL.79]
07 – Avenue – Memory Drift [VOL.99]
08 – Vega – No Reasons (Matty C & Neoteric’s White Light Edit) [VOL.50]
09 – Moonbase – Waiting For A Train (Jacques Renault White Light Edit) [VOL.30]
10 – Mansions On The Moon – Walk On The Moon (Pocketknife Mix) [VOL.80]
11 – Herbcock – All U (thee Mike B’s LISTEN TO WHITE LIGHT 12 Edit) [VOL.12]
12 – Neu – Negative Man (Tronik Youth Edit) [VOL.34]
13 – Georges Rodi – Skateboarding in NY (DJ ROCCA Edit) [VOL.61]
14 – Eberhard Schoener – Why Don’t You Answer (Jex Opolis Re-tug) [VOL.21]
15 – Alexander Holland – City Full of Lights (Gigamesh Remix) [VOL.36]
16 – The Isley Brothers – Voyage To Atlantis (Black Van Remix) [VOL.43]

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White Light 100 (Mix)
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